Ana Luisa and Igor were telling us about how they came all the way from Brazil to have their wedding in Santorini. It was our first meeting and they seemed as comfortable with us and the camera as they did with each other. They were completely living in the moment, as they posed for photographs in the picturesque streets of Imerovigli. The view of the whitewashed buildings against the endless blue of the archipelago was breathtaking. The bright, pink bougainvilleas enveloped the happy couple as they tenderly embraced one another. We were on top of Anastasi church with the famous blue dome, a much-coveted spot for the perfect snapshot. With the Aegean always glistening in the background, complementing Ana Luisa’s flowing, blue dress we spent a beautiful day getting to know them and capturing some truly amazing pre-wedding photos.

The next day we joined Ana Luisa, Igor and all their friends on a boat tour, which took us from the world-famous Volcano, to the stunning Red Beach, to the small port of Ammoudi, just in time for a gorgeous sunset. The whole day felt like a huge party with laughter, music, dancing and even a barbeque dinner served on the deck of the catamaran. It was the perfect opportunity to capture some candid moments of the couple enjoying themselves, surrounded by all their friends.

And just like that it was June 20th 2019 and the big day had arrived. We began our photographic journey by joining the bride and groom-to-be in their respective hotel suites as they prepared. Igor was surrounded by his friends and Ana Luisa had her mother and mother-in-law in blue. The ceremony was held at Venetsanos Winery, a beautiful venue overlooking the sea. Under a white, aery canopy, with a magical view of the Caldera, the couple exchanged their personal vows. Kosmas Pafitis lent the notes from his violin setting the romantic tone for the ceremony. One of our favourite and most emotional moments was when, instead of a child, it was Ana Luisa’s grandmother who brought the rings. It was such a sweet and symbolic gesture that left no one untouched. At the conclusion of the wedding ritual we traveled with the married couple to the nearby, quaint village of Pyrgos for some photos of newlywed bliss, right as the sun was setting on the horizon.

We soon made our way to the reception, which was held at Theros Wave Bar located on a private beach. We stayed with the couple and their guests the entire night. As they cut their pretty white cake, as they danced their first dance, as Greek traditional dancers stormed the party and called for everyone to join. We were surprised by how we didn’t feel tired at all. Ana Luisa and Igor and all their loved ones had such a carefree attitude, overcome by such joy, that it was infectious.

And so they danced the night away in love and we got to witness it all through our Lifeclicks Studio lens.